Your Long-Distance Shot Of Faith

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Some of you are like bullets fired by a marksman from an
extremely long distance. You were shot out in faith somewhere in your past. You
have been in route to an unfulfilled promise. It has been a long time since the
trigger was pulled. At some point, you began to think this might not happen
because of the distance and time involved, but the point of impact is fast
approaching. You are about to arrive at the target and punch through the bull’s
eye of God’s good intention.

I have a friend who is a long-distance marksman. The closest you would come to describing what
he does is akin to a military sniper who routinely fires accurate shots from
half a mile away. It is uncanny what shooters of this caliber can do.

One day my friend described for me some of the things he does
in preparation to fire a single shot. He must know the distance to the foot of
the shot he will attempt. He must know the speed of the wind a half-mile away
at the point of impact to determine bullet drift. Temperature and moisture
levels of the surrounding air through which the round must travel are also calculated. A precise hold over on the target is measured to determine an accurate line of trajectory
based on bullet weight, speed and gravitational pull.

The most unusual calculation is the rotation of the Earth.
He must know the exact latitude on the Earth where he is positioned when the
shot is fired because the Earth spins at different speeds at different
latitudes. With that position in mind he then measures how much the Earth will rotate
from the time he pulls the trigger to the moment the bullet strikes the target.
These elements and others must come together in order to fire an accurate shot.

As you close the final distance to the target things will happen fast. All the calculations will come together in one moment of time and you will punch through the bull’s eye. Trust that God took into
consideration all of the elements required to deliver you downrange and make an
accurate shot.  God did all of this for you because,
even more than you, He wants you to accurately pass through the target of His
love to complete this shot. Your act of faith is to simply believe He knows
what He is doing.


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