Before and After

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Apostle, Change, Church, Culture | 0 comments

The social and emotional reset taking place because of the Coronavirus is so profound it would be a mistake to not consider its implications on the life we once knew. 

In times of rampant fear, what was considered an irrational response in times of peace and safety will be seen as practical and sensible. This only happens when something out of our control like a terrorist attack or a new and rapidly spreading virus pays a global visit. No matter what you think about this virus and the cultural response to its presence, we are in a moment similar to 9/11. The Coronavirus will become a before and after marker on our historical timeline.

Many will return from this time of social separation desiring to make a change in how they express their faith and fellowship. A reset is taking place in this absence from large gatherings. Those who discovered a more personal expression of their faith may want to continue that expression as their primary fellowship event. They will seek out leaders who make room for and honor these smaller expressions as being equally valid as a full sanctuary on Sunday morning.  

The virus will eventually run its course, but its impact will deliver lasting change. I believe God is using this challenging time to reset His Church. We will emerge from this season stronger and more agile in our faith if we allow God to direct our steps, not fear. His perfect love has purposed to remove fear from our hearts if we remain open to the sound of His voice.  We will emerge fearless from this reset able to make courageous adjustments to our faith and its expression in culture. As a result,  the fruit of our partnership in the Great Commission will accelerate at speeds far greater than the spread of a deadly virus.


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