The Gifts of Isolation

by | Mar 17, 2020 | Change, Courage, Creativity, Culture, Deliverance, Discernment | 0 comments

When the barriers and restrictions come down, and we eventually all come back together, those who did not waste this time expending their energy on unreasonable fear will be given great treasures to bring back. They will return carrying gifts they received that were made possible in this time of isolation.  

Parents will carry back the gift of a child’s laughter birthed from a goofy, creative moment made possible by a school closure. Celebrity will be redefined. The label of hero will be placed on those who sacrificially worked in markets and hospitals while the rest of us kept our distance. Books will be written by new and previously undiscovered authors who did not think they had anything to say but found their voice in isolation. Many who serve in government will be shaken free from a partisan spirit as opposing sides were forced to come together to survive and protect each other as the virus ran its course. 

God is always at work doing abundantly more than we can ask or think in times of sorrow and pain. When we return from these times we discover the gifts we were given during our time of isolation.


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