“The Believing Remnant” by Garris Elkins

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God never leaves His people without a believing remnant.

We have all read about the children of Israel wandering in the wilderness for forty long years. I have personally processed this as a time when unbelief had to die off so a new generation, based in faith, could be birthed.

Just last week something occurred to me – faith-filled people like Moses, Joshua and Caleb were there in the midst of all the unbelief. They were the believing remnant in that unbelieving and complaining crowd that God used to deliver a nation. Numbers and resources don’t impress God – faith does. It doesn’t matter how small the believing remnant might be. Faith exercised anywhere releases life.

Some of you are in families, relationships and social groups where there is a overwhelming sense of faithlessness and unbelief. You feel alone and surrounded. Don’t let the unbelief overcome your ability to believe. God has you there to give the good report of faith. You are in that circumstance to help others see with the eyes of God through the impossible maze of sorrow and tragedy into the supernatural outcome that God will eventually bring.

God always leaves a believing remnant in every circumstance of life because it is from this remnant that God will birth a new generation that won’t have to take the same wilderness detour again. Your posture of faith in the midst of unbelief is an act of mercy from God. He leaves a remnant so the seed of life will stay alive long enough to give birth to a new season of hope and promise.

If you have faith in the midst of overwhelming unbelief you will be part of that great historical band of faith-walkers who changed history. You are a Hebrews chapter 11 kind of person. If you walk in faith, in the midst of unbelief, God will change the world through you because the supernatural solutions of God are drawn to faith.


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