“Winds of Change and the Coming Shift” by Garris Elkins

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Recently, a friend of mine sent this communique to thousands of church leaders around the world:

“In 1998, Hurricane Mitch wrecked havoc across Central America, especially in Honduras. The casualties were steep: 5,600 people perished, 12,300 were injured and 8,600 people disappeared. The infrastructure of roads was decimated and 150 bridges were destroyed or damaged. The Choluteca Bridge, built by Japanese engineers and donated to the Hondurans, was the most modern bridge in the region and it remained intact. While it was not damaged, the bridge was no longer necessary because the hurricane changed the flow of the river that once ran beneath it. A bridge typically spans a body of water and connects two pieces of dry land. When the water beneath it no longer flows, you can hardly call it a bridge. Without water, a bridge has lost its purpose. It is simply a monument to a past feat of engineering but it has no current relevance.”

In the church today the Winds of Change are blowing and this wind of heaven will alter the course of cultures and ministries. God’s wind is now blowing and what is not based on His foundational reality will become a relic of the past.

Several months ago the Lord revealed a prophetic picture to me. I saw a vast plain that was covered with sand. As a wind began to blow, the sand was pushed away to reveal a large foundation underneath. The foundation was Christ Himself infused with the ministry gifts that He will use to transform the earth. I realized that the covering of sand was very shallow – just enough to obscure what lay beneath. This foundational truth will not be discovered by human intellect– it will be revealed by the breath of God’s Spirit.

For the last several months people have come to me after some of our church gatherings to tell me that they have been feeling a wind blowing against them during our times of worship. These people were not sitting near air conditioning vents. No one walked past them and stirred the air. There was no natural explanation for the wind. At a recent conference in Africa a wind could be felt so strongly that several people were literally blown backwards off their feet during worship. The wind of heaven is blowing on the Church.

While I was in still in Africa, between meetings the Lord impressed upon me the following word: Winds of Change are coming on a global scale – no longer to be viewed in a local context. When the Winds of Change blow in your meetings, the source of the wind will not have its origin from a specific geographic location, but will come from My very breath in heaven. I am blowing a new wind from My throne upon the earth and as it strikes the earth it will disperse in all directions to touch all nations.

There is a shift taking place. This shift will re-align those hearing My voice to prophesy in the direction of My coming changes. You will at first appear to be speaking into nothing, into the lesser places – to unrecognized locations, but this is part of the shift I will bring.

This Wind of Change will stir into existence new ministries and uncover new giftings in My people. The wind will blow away the layer of dust that lies atop My foundation. Clarity will come as the wind blows.

It will appear that an old foundation has been revealed. It is neither old nor new. My revelation is from timeless eternity. As the wind blows you will begin to understand what these last years have been about. I have not given you a full understanding of this last season because understanding is not what you have needed. I have covered what I am about to reveal until this time. These things will not be discovered with the mind. I will reveal these things to you by the breath of My Spirit. I have allowed this foundation to be covered, not to hide it, but to give it time to become seasoned and strong.

Hear Me, Church. My Wind is blowing. A shift is taking place. You are about to see the effects of My breath upon the earth. Just as I breathed life into Adam, and just as I breathed life into the Church at her birth, I am about to breath a new thing upon you. My Winds of Change are coming.

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  1. Unknown

    Hi Garris – good Word from the Lord! I haven't experienced a physical wind but for about the last 5 or 6 weeks there is a new freshness in worship (not just from up front but in the people) and thou I have felt led by the Spirit in what to share in the past – the last number of weeks the Lord has given me a "Word" for the people that comes in the prophetic nature of the Spirit. Exciting to see what is ahead. Thanks for your writtings. Bill H.


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