Binocular Faith

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Faith, Revelation, Truth, Wisdom | 0 comments

this time in our national history, many are only seeing a noisy and rapidly
moving mass of humanity running in different directions following a multitude
of agendas. They feel distance from the events taking place. A cacophony of
sound and a blurred cultural mural is moving at warp speed in front of their
eyes. This has brought about confusion and in some cases has caused people to
stop believing that hope is possible. In the middle of all of this, God has a
plan. He is releasing supernatural spiritual sight similar to handing someone a
set of binoculars in an attempt to view what is taking place across a distant

 I have a set of binoculars. They allow me to
see images at long distances not visible to my unaided natural sight.
Binoculars have what is called a field of vision. A field of vision is the size
of the area being magnified at the desired distance. It is the available area
the lens can capture and report back to the viewer. God is creating a new field
of vision for His people. A magnification and clarity of what is taking place
are being provided.

culture with only your natural sight and the accompanying limited
interpretation is not enough to produce Kingdom solutions. God wants to give
you the ability to pull up a distant and confusing image and magnify with
clarification what is actually taking place. 
When this happens you will see things previously unnoticed that are
being played out on the national and international scene.

new clarity is being given to you to provide you with the elements of informed
prayer and a laser-like focused obedience. This strategic input would pass by a
casual observer who only relies on self-sight, not the magnified sight of the
Spirit. Get ready to see things not yet imagined hidden in a place that would
have remained unseen had not God given you this new level of magnified sight.


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