You have been surrounded by the glory of God. That glory burns like fire. It is not always visible in the natural realm. You will never walk into an unknown future vulnerable and exposed. God is surrounding you and your loved ones. His glory is your protection as you walk into dark and unexplored places.

Recently, I read about early nomadic tribes in Eurasia. These people groups were many times the prey of wild animals that saw humans as easy targets. Anthropologists have discovered the tribes that survived carried fire. The presence of fire kept the wild animals at bay during the night. The tribes that carried fire survived. The ones that walked in the night without fire fell victim to attack. One anthropologist said, “The presence of fire gave our ancestors a chance at a future.”

Today, adjust your thinking. You are not alone. You are not vulnerable if you walk conscience of the burning presence of the fire of God that not only surrounds you but also fills you. Every Spirit-baptized believer carries this supernatural fire. To the spirits of darkness, you appear aflame and burning with God’s presence. That fire is what keeps the enemy at bay just like natural fire protected our ancestors from bands of wild animals. Their future was found in the presence of the fire. So it is with you. Trust in the presence of the glorious fire you carry that burns bright and hot in the unseen realm of the spiritual world. This is your place of protection and the place of your anointing.

“For I, declares the LORD, will be a wall of fire around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.” Zechariah 2:5


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