Assigning Blame and Attaching Labels

by | Jan 16, 2021 | Prophetic | 1 comment

When Jesus gave us the Greatest Commandment to love God with all our being and love people as we would love ourselves, He gave us a prescription for peace in our soul. Without those two expressions of love working together, peace is not possible, only continued conflict, division, and death. 

Currently, the robbers of this peace are those who are trying to find a place to attach a blaming label for the sorrows we see playing out in our culture. Blame is different than solutions. It leads to no worthy conclusion. Blame is the adhesive we use to attach our labels. Blame looks for people and entire groups to attach labels to in an attempt to place the ultimate cause of our problems on another person’s race, social status, politics, and even their gender as the root cause of our problems.

Before we read another person’s biased opinion piece, whether, from a social commentator or an impassioned friend, we all need to step back and take a deep breath and reconsider the Greatest Commandment. In that commandment, Jesus mentioned nothing about race, social status, politics, or gender as inhibitors or generators of this kind of love. It comes from the heart of God.

When the Lord spoke of the Greatest Commandment, He was addressing our hearts, not our place in society, whether that place is physical or philosophical.  He simply invited us to step out of the gutter of dishonoring labels, and self-righteous blame-shifting to live at a higher standard than a culture drowning in the sewage of the latest blame piece.

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  1. E Kutschera

    Hello Garris, we love your posts and have been reading them literally for years 🙂

    Many Christian leaders are calling for love and peace, and that is not wrong. However, there is no peace or love without truth. What would actually help diffuse the vitriol? First of all, _affirmation_ that what I am feeling is _not wrong_. It seems that Christian leaders are almost afraid to say this. Secondly, I need to know that I should _expect_ a reckoning to happen with the incredible evil and spiritual violence that is happening right now – I should _expect_ God to act on my behalf! Then I know I’m not left fighting for myself, and suddenly, I don’t need to call names and attack anyone, because I’ve been given permission to stand and to expect Godly justice. _That_ is the empowerment that would release a lot of people from fearful responses.

    We need to know we are empowered to win, to see the Kingdom come to earth, to see the world change because of Christ through us. When people feel empowered this way, they can be peaceful without being told they should be peaceful. That is an operation of true Grace.

    Thanks Garris.


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