Testing the Wind of the Spirit

by | Jan 17, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

Now, especially now, it is important to know the direction the wind of the Spirit is moving. This is akin to discerning the still small voice of God that Elijah experienced when the easily discerned earthquake, wind, and fire passed before him while he was hiding in the cave.

When I used to bow hunt, I needed to get close to an elk to make a shot. This required that I assess the sensory triangle of the animal – sight, sound, and smell. Regarding the smell alarm, many times the air was so still in a deep mountain canyon, I could not determine the wind direction. In those times, I would employ a small plastic vial filled with talcum powder. I would squeeze the vial and a small puff of powder would be shot up into the air. Even on the stillest of days, I could determine the wind’s direction and set up my stalk accordingly based on which direction the small puff of powder moved.

We have entered a time that can feel like a lull where not much is taking place in relation to the recent events that transpired on a national and international scale. No matter what is interpreted by our limited natural senses, the Spirit is always moving. The next season will require that we can discern the quiet and delicate movements of the Spirit and not assume anything, especially our future direction.

Just because the movement of the Spirit seems subtle and almost undetectable does not mean His movement is any less powerful. A direction change of the Spirit will precede the next manifestation of the Spirit.  Test the wind before you act or speak. 


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