Blessed with Reformation Power

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Kingdom of God, Promotion, Reformation | 0 comments

Jan asked me to do a final proof-read for her new book titled, Blessings of Hope and Joy. As I read the following excerpt from one of the blessings it reminded me of the reforming presence of the Church in the culture at this moment in our history. The Spirit has issued an invitation to the Church to begin to work with God to usher in a reformation that will influence each sphere of culture. Read this blessing over your life, your ministry, and your ministry team and watch the hand of God begin to move in profound ways. 

I bless you with words of knowledge
to give warning of the enemy’s plans:
to watch out for traps,
to warn others of ambushes,
to thwart secrets whispered in the dark.

I bless you with great favor
to influence leaders, decision makers,
and those who govern.
I bless you with the ability to discern trouble
and life-threatening issues
and the ability to offer God’s unique solutions
and facilitate His plans.

(Jan’s new book, Blessings of Hope and Joy, will be released mid-November.)


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