Can you feel the shift that has taken place? I am not talking about the by-products of cultural change like the results of our recent election or the increasing levels of social unrest.  I am talking about a shift that has taken place in the spiritual environment. An alignment to the greater purposes of God has occurred. This alignment has created a place for the arrival of a suddenly of God.

The suddenlies of God are not planned events. These sudden events get their name from a sudden and surprising appearance. Their arrival produces amazement. Before these events occur, God will stir His prophets to begin announcing that something is coming. Most of these predictions will not contain specific detail. The Day of Pentecost was prophesied, but the actual elements of that day were a complete surprise to those in attendance.

This morning, I was reading about the cycles of culture.  One dictionary defines a cycle as “a series of events that are regularly repeated in the same order.” God’s suddenlies do not follow predictable patterns or cycles. A suddenly is not a cycle or a pattern – it is the sudden arrival of something that exists outside the cycles of culture. The suddenlies of God come with the purpose to interrupt the existing cycle to make way for something new.

Defining a cycle or pattern of culture is not prophetic, it is academic. Investigating patterns and cycles of culture can be done without God. Announcing a suddenly is the work of a prophet and requires an intimate relationship with the Spirit. As the cycles of culture continue to unwind and create higher levels of uncertainty, listen for the prophetic voices that are announcing the suddenlies of God.  Raise your eyes above the level of natural human response and reaction. What is about to take place will not come from this realm or from our understanding of how the natural cycles of culture function. Something unusual and surprising is coming. A suddenly is about to arrive. Can you feel it?


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