I was getting ready to begin writing this morning when an image entered my mind. It was the image of a blast zone. This blast zone was the center of a target where an explosion would take place from the detonation of an incoming missile. Anyone or anything within the blast zone would be destroyed once the explosion took place.

As the image developed, I saw a faceless person hear the sound of the incoming missile. It made a whistling sound like a falling bomb in an old World War II movie. The person began to run and moved quickly out of the blast zone to the safety of the perimeter. They watched as an incoming missile struck the target and wreaked horrible destruction.

This image is a warning of love issued to some who find themselves in a place of conflict. It is time to move out of the coming blast zone where a lack of love is creating a target of jeopardy. This place of jeopardy is inviting a work of darkness to come and detonate a loveless act of destruction. For a time love was able to provide a shield of protection for this group, but love has been abandoned for personal agendas and the spirit of control. This has left the participants vulnerable to things God never intended for them to experience.

You still have time to move out of the blast zone. Don’t try to prove yourself right or remain any longer in an attempt to plead your case. Run for the safety of forgiveness, grace, and mercy. Once the devastation takes place God will have you return to the blast zone and work through the rubble to find the victims. Your rescue mission will be to speak words of hope and release resurrection life to the people and institutions that became victims in the blast zone. That is why God is telling you to run, not just for your spiritual safety, but to keep you safe so you can return to the blast zone as an instrument of rescue releasing the healing power of His redemptive love.

“He (Joseph) left his coat in her hand and ran out of the house.” Genesis 39:12


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