Clearing the Lungs of Our Nation

by | Apr 11, 2020 | Death, Deliverance, Faith, Faithfulness, Hope | 0 comments

For the last several days, an intense spiritual conflict took place in the heavens over the United States. Last night, a victory in that battle occurred because of the prayers of God’s people. The Lord has arranged the timing of this victory to coincide with our celebration of the death, resurrection, and enthronement of Jesus Christ. 

The unusual emotions you may have experienced were byproducts of this conflict. It is not unusual for someone to be sensitive to what is happening in the spiritual realm and misinterpret what they are feeling. If your response was wrong-spirited or insensitive, confess your mistake and repent to those you affected and move on. 

This battle has cleared the lungs of our nation, allowing us to exhale and take in a new breath. That new breath will invigorate the plans of God in our lives and culture. Follow the hope that fresh breath brings. Hope will be the evidence that our spiritual lungs are clear of the congestion of fear, and in some cases, deception. 


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