New Credentials for a New Season

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Apostle, Church, Courage, Culture, Death, Deliverance, Kingdom of God, Spiritual Warfare | 0 comments

The Lord is issuing new credentials of authority during this time of social isolation.  They will be used once we exit the current season and enter a new season soon to be revealed.  The new credentials will be issued to those who have not wasted this time huddled in worry or merely holding their emotional breath until this time of isolation passes. These credentials will not be initially recognized by those paralyzed in fear.  This is the same kind of fear that held captive the will of the older brothers of David and all of Israel while Goliath pranced back and forth, mocking God. 

While all believers have authority, few are exercising what they possess. As a result, our culture is being steered by a godless agenda with an assignment to hijack our Kingdom potential. 

The new credentials will come after we perform courageous acts of obedience that confront the lies and deception holding our culture in bondage. When David brought down the giant and cut off his head (the symbol of his authority), God gave David his kingly credentials to lead the nation. At that point, he was recognized as someone credentialed by God.  Some of you reading these words will act and speak like David as our culture lives in fear. What you do and say will make room for God to credential your life.

God does not have a Plan B. He only works from a Plan A. This is a Plan A moment in our history. Each of us can become recipients of new credentials if we allow God’s Spirit, not the spirit of the age to reform our worldview, and give us our marching orders. 


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