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Long before compound bows and graphite arrows came into being, the kind of bows with all the pulleys and cables attached, I hunted with either a longbow or recurve bow. Those simple bows were just sticks. They were a single stick of a bow with a string strung between the shafts shooting wooden arrows. To make the shot, I needed to get close enough to my target to release the arrow. 

You may feel like you are not able to make a long-distance shot in prayer at what is coming at you, either personally or for a wider audience. The shot you are called to make will require that you are so close you will see the eyes of your spiritual attacker. In that close contact, you will see beneath their bravado to see the fear in their eyes. Your arrow of prayer will be an assault on their fear. This is the kind of intercessory prayer where the Lord will open the windows of Heaven to allow on Earth what is not seen with our natural eyes. 

Do not think your individual prayer, something resembling just a bow and a string, is not enough. David knew his sling would deliver the rock depth into the forehead of Goliath if he could close the distance. He ran toward the taunting enemy confident of what he carried.

This up close and personal kind of prayer is about delivering your single prayer into the heart of the assembled enemy. A single and well-placed prayer of faith will bring down the enemies in your life and in the lives of those assembled on the world stage. It was never imagined by your adversaries that a single prayer like the one you are about to release would be able to find its mark – the fear of the enemy.


  1. Cynthia Sherstad

    What a powerful word. Thank you brother for this. Sharing on my page.

    Many blessings for being such a blessing.

  2. Jamie

    Garris I was praying last night about stuff and was super discouraged. I told God…why even bother praying it’s not like my prayers will ever hit the target or move a mountain.

    exact words.

    (long story.. looooong story)

    and this so what you write on this morning lol!!

    thanks? lol… I think. Being in close proximity before the arrow is launched… oh boy… I’d rather stand back here and launch it lol…but ok…

    knowing I have to be closer to the target has put a new sense of urgency on some of the writing projects I’ve started this week.

    I also wanted to thank you for posting the word about the unfamiliar ones teaching new things. I started writing again. I had stopped… another long story… but I am writing again.

    these two post…the bow and arrow and the unfamiliar ones teaching… have been an interesting catalyst…

    I really appreciate your God given encouragement and wisdom you share on your pages. it really means a lot to me. alot. thank you.


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