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We have been programmed to see a Hollywood version of demonic activity and view it as entertainment. Those dramatic physical manifestations can be real and part of hell making itself known, but they are rare instances and rarely reveal the controlling spirit behind such events. The most powerful spirits do their best work out of sight.

When anyone brings up the possibility of demonic powers guiding the affairs of this life, many look at those discussing the subject as someone akin to a snake handler. While some who discuss such things can become overly focused on the subject, it is to our peril to dismiss the demonic out of hand without employing wisdom and discernment.

We are seeing the puppets of demonic powers walking through the halls of our government, standing behind pulpits preaching false doctrines and demeaning anyone who has a literal interpretation of the life of Jesus as depicted in Scripture. These challenges can get personal. Even Jesus’ own family thought the Lord had lost his mind as He confronted demons, “When his family heard what was happening, they tried to take him away. “He’s out of his mind,” they said” (Mark 3:21).

In our attempt to appear credible to the surrounding culture, we may have dulled the edge of our discernment regarding demonic influence. To live and speak the truth in love will require we engage things that seem normal and acceptable on the surface to the spiritually naïve but are in fact people and institutions infested with demonic spirits who are unwilling candidates for a demonstration of the power of God designed to set them free.


  1. Diana Katona

    I have been to some very dark places and what you say it’s true but I have also been in places where 95% of the people or either held captive or prisoners and basically there are five evil people with evil intentions manipulating the atmosphere for hell and innocent people are dying spiritually

    • Jonathan Khan

      Today, even the church world has become desensitize to demonic activity. Some are ignorant of it while others accept it as escalating evil that is synonymous with the end times. God is raising a militant apostolic church that will confront and conquer satanic hierarchies for God’s glory!

      Yours in Christ,
      Apostle Jonathan Khan.

  2. John J Anderson II

    Dr Ramsay MacMullen’s classic history “Christianizing the Roman Empire: 100-400 A.D.” notes that the gospel was spread and churches planted as a result of believers confronting demonically-controlled people in the marketplace, then defeating the local or regional pagan priest in a spiritual battle. After that, a simple gospel proclamation about the authority of a new King – Jesus brought thousands into tearful, fearful and then joyful repentance and faith in Jesus.

    May we question then reject our 20th-century insistence that calm rational argument is the weapon of choice for culture wars.


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