Creating Fresh Momentum

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Faith, Faithfulness, Favor, Future | 0 comments

Each transition of life has an in-between moment. An in-between moment is that space of time between an old and expired season and the approach of something new. The momentum that brought you this far is the result of the faith you exercised in the previous season. Each new season will require the exercise of a new level of faith or your current momentum will come to a standstill. A fresh expression of faith has the ability to create the spiritual momentum required to open the door to your future.

Are you in a time of transition? Are you between seasons?  Fresh momentum is ready and waiting to be released. Its release is waiting for you to believe once again no matter how impossible the way forward may seem. That kind of faith will create the momentum required to deliver you into the new future God has prepared for you.  Belief is your way forward. Exercise it!


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