In our increasingly entrenched world of opinion where we have individually or as a group defined what is true and right according to our preference, familiarity, and bias, it has become increasingly difficult to find common ground. In these opposing and combative scenarios, it will be in the gray areas of disputed territory where the wise will venture forth to have Spirit-led discussions that will find a less complicated version of the truth and discover a way forward into the future. 

Breaking this impasse will require an act of spiritual and intellectual bravery to step out of our battle trenches where we are surrounded by the false security of a hardened shared opinion to walk across the gray expanse of no man’s land. This perilous journey of vulnerability is where you will meet those equally brave souls from opposing trenches of opinion who have also ventured forth in search of something greater. The bonds formed in these tedious moments of engagement are some of the most enduring and culture-changing relationships you will ever experience. They have such value because making such the journey will have cost both parties a great deal of relational capital in the trenches they left behind. The future belongs to those willing to pay the price and take the step. 


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