The Newsreel of Our Lives

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Recently, I watched a vintage newsreel depicting San Francisco in 1939. It revealed a beautiful city with a magnificent bay. As I watched the black and white images unfold of people walking up and down Market Street and Fisherman’s Wharf, I realized somewhere in the thousands of people being shown in the newsreel, were my parents. 1939 was the year they met and fell in love in San Francisco. I was strangely and wonderfully drawn to that possibility and looked intently as the film progressed. I did not see them, but it did not matter. They were there, and I was now somehow connected to that part of my family history. 

At the time, my father was a construction worker. One day after work he walked into a business operated by my mother and my grandmother.  He fell in love at first sight. After several weeks of visiting the store each day and continually asking my mother out for a date, my mother said yes. The date was allowed as long as my grandmother rode in the rumble seat. They were married a year later and spent almost 50 years together before my father passed away in 1989.

Neither of my parents could have known their first date would eventually produce two sons and a lifetime of devotion. As I continued to look intently at the images playing out on my computer screen, my awareness of the goodness of God increased. Maybe that was the reason why I stumbled upon the old vintage film.

Some of you reading these words are about to discover a missing piece of your history. This is a part of your history you did not know even existed. It will be a missing piece of your life-puzzle. When discovered, so many things will begin to make sense. The missing piece will carry with it a vital contribution to the greater revelation of God’s intent and purpose for your life. It will help you move deeper into your destiny and calling bringing with it a more profound understanding that God can truly make all things work together for good. 


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