Crossing Over – From Dream State to Reality

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Over the years, I have had unusual dreams. I once had a dream where I was speaking fluent German and understood each word of a two-way conversation. In another dream, I was flying a high-performance military jet aircraft completely comfortable and confident performing the duties as the pilot-in-command. I yet another dream, I was walking between tall skyscrapers and simply leaned forward to soar high into the air as a human flying without wings. I could go on listing the various dreams I have had over the years that allowed me to perform tasks in the dream I could never perform in waking life. At some point, when God is involved, we can actually experience a crossing over from a dream state into reality. This is where our faith is either stretched or abandoned.

I have heard the stories of missionaries sent out in the early years of revival and God literally gave them fluency in the language of the nation to which they were sent without any previous language training. I wonder what some in the Early Church thought of Philip’s testimony of being supernaturally transported to Azotus? If we believe in the God who is able to do the miraculous – profoundly miraculous things – then why would we join the ranks of religious cynics who roll their eyes at the mention of such a possibility?

When miracles and unusual demonstrations of God take place it is the result of His alignment of our lives with His timing. When natural time is short, God steps in and releases supernatural acceleration and placement of his people to serve His purposes. He doesn’t wait for a cynical spirit to come into agreement with the plan of God before He moves. He looks for willing people who possess a childlike faith.

If you have been experiencing unusual dreams don’t dismiss them as having a slice of pizza late at night or the result of an over-active mind. God could be revealing to you the supernatural exploits He has planned for your life in the coming season. God may be asking you to believe in His ability to perform what He reveals and not be held back by your lack of training or the need to possess a measure of faith larger than a mustard seed.


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