I have come to
realize one of the challenges we face when experiencing any form of physical or
emotional limitation is feeling like we have become damaged goods. Recently, I
must admit that thought crossed my mind after my recent heart attack. I have
always thought I was a strong and a self-sufficient person who was able to care
for myself in any situation.  I knew this
was not a healthy way to view life and in my time of need I found out how flawed
this kind of thinking can be.  Life is
organic.  In other words, we become
stronger because we are connected to lives beyond our own. We actually become
weaker when we are disconnected and self-sufficient.

Over the years, I
have read about Paul’s thorn in the flesh. If the thorn was in fact his weakened
eyesight, it does reveal some interesting insight.  Paul accomplished his greatest writing while
afflicted.  His affliction had become a connecting
point with those he would rely on to help him accomplish his calling.  Paul had to dictate his epistles to someone
who would then write out the words the Lord gave him. Paul said the people he
loved and served would have gladly plucked out their own eyes and given them to
him to help him see.  Here is a man who saw
so much in the Spirit, yet was impaired in his ability to see in the natural.  His need humbled him before those he served. As
Paul discussed his weakness with the Corinthian church the Lord spoke to Paul
and said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” In other
words, in the area of our greatest weakness the possibility exists for the
greatest release of God’s power in and through our lives.

As I survey the
current state of my life, I realize what recently took place during my heart
attack can now become a launching platform for the greatest season of
effectiveness in my personal life and public ministry.  This is not only true for me, but for anyone
who will look beyond personal limitations and simply believe God for more.  I don’t say this with any pride in my
abilities or gifts. I say this because this is what the Word says about God
working through human weakness. This is possible because in the weakened places
of our lives we discover that we have two options.  We can try and prove ourselves naturally in
our own strength or we can allow the Lord to prove Himself through our weakness
supernaturally.  The latter is where the peace
and power of God visit our lives.

Do you feel like part
of your life has become damaged goods? 
If you feel this way, give that area to God and He will return it to
your empowered and perfected in ways you never thought possible.  Today, I ask you to join with me, with Paul
and with many others who have lived and served God over the centuries and begin
to celebrate the God-potential that exists in the most broken parts of your
life. It will be in these areas where you need God to show up that you will discover
a tremendous work of the Spirit waiting to be released.  You are never damaged goods when God is


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