Declaring Hope into an Unknown Future

by | May 9, 2014 | Dreams, Faith, Future, Gifts, Hope, Miracles, Power, Prohecy, Supernatural | 0 comments

When you don’t know the next step,
declare the heart of God into the unknown. Declarations of God’s heart will make a way when no way forward is

Declarations uttered in faith are
like spiritual bulldozers; they have the power to push aside walls of unbelief.
These declarations call into being those things not yet visible to the natural

God has made a way for you. Let your
words express the joy that awaits you. Sing songs of deliverance before you are
delivered. Worship before you have a reason to worship. Trust before your
circumstances tell you trust is possible.


You are traveling on a new and
unexplored course. You will not arrive at your final destination through human
power or intellect. Your arrival at God’s preferred future will come because at
some point you stood where no trail was visible and called forth a pathway by
declaring the heart of God. (from chapter 49, A Good Place)


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