So You Took the Wrong Road

by | May 8, 2014 | Discipline, Faith, Favor, Forgiveness, Holiness, Honor, Hope, Redemption, Repentance | 0 comments

In a series of less than perfect life-decisions
you ended up taking the wrong road. You
made a fateful turn and now you are miles into a regretful decision. The reality of your mistake is hitting you in
the face with the full force of its implications.

At first you felt panic, but now the panic has
given way to resignation. You feel like you have no other option. This fatalism
is not the thinking of someone who understands they are loved, forgiven and
accepted by God. God is not a punisher – He is your Father.  He wants you to make this journey with joy. When
did you start believing that God has no other plan of rescue apart from letting
you continue down this road of sorrow and regret?

There is no going back to square one and
starting all over again.  You would never
be able find your way back through all the mistakes.  God doesn’t want a list of promises from you to
never do this again.  He knows you don’t
want to repeat this journey. What He wants from you is to offer Him a repentant
and humble heart.  Once He has your heart
in His hand He will pick you up from this painful road and put you on the road
He wanted you to take in the first place. That is how a loving Father relates
to His children.


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