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An era is defined by certain events or by the distinctive character that distinguishes one measure of time from others. To accurately define an era is not possible apart from prophetic revelation. Sociological evaluation is of some value, but it cannot see beneath the surface evidence to discover the spiritual forces motivating change on a societal level.

A new era is emerging. We are in a time of significant transition between eras. This new era will be defined by unexpected turnaround events not perceived by many whose faith has been held hostage to fear and the slavish need to be accepted. Those who bring only natural investigative tools to the process of evaluation will misdiagnose what is transpiring. Only by the revelation of the Spirit will a person be able to see what is coming.

Two definitions of this new era will emerge. One will be the Lord’s definition revealing the dimensions of a new Spirit-formed era. The other will be a false substitute too easily adopted because it will make sense to undiscerning ears that have been groomed to believe a lie.

Thousands of years ago, in a moment that was defining a new era, the prophet Daniel said of the Lord, “He changes the times and seasons” (Daniel 2:21). A similar change is upon us and it will be the Lord alone who will define this new era. Be careful to not align yourself prematurely with any definition until the Lord speaks.


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