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We all see the issues of life from different perspectives. The first 12 disciples came from the same faith, but how they expressed their faith was revealed through a wide array of opinions. Those diverse opinions did not concern the Lord as long as His disciples did not allow their personal views to create a loveless expression of faith among fellow believers. 

If the expression of our personal opinions can remain civil and respectful, we can learn a lot from each other. That is not always easy to do when emotions run high. There are times when another perspective will really rub us the wrong way. How we respond to that rub reveals the depth of our character or where we are in the struggle of processing a challenging subject. 

As we move deeper into the future, a future that portends great change and uncertainty, passionate opinions about what is taking place will abound. In the process of expressing our point of view, we need to be careful who we define as our enemy, especially within the Church. We need to remember that our shared faith is built upon the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and Him as the only hope for this world, not our opinions. Our real enemy has been defeated.


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