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In the next six months, now through November, will prove to be a time like none of us have ever seen. New levels of control will attempt to congeal the global conscientious into a moldable mass easily manipulated into compliance. World powers under the influence of dark agendas will attempt to make a move for global domination. They will use, once again, the deceptions they created in the past that were palatable and prematurely digested by those with unrenewed minds.

To the pastors, and leaders of business and government, you will be given another opportunity to respond to this renewed attempt at control. 2020 was a trial run. At that time, none of us fully understood what was taking place. We made our best call and effort hoping we were following the heart of God. Evidence now emerging is revealing many good people with good intentions were dupped. If you are not aware of what that evidence is, change the channel and discover new resources for your information. This time around our naivety will not prove to be an adequate excuse before God.

Diversions crafted by evil entities to divert our attention away from what has taken place are being exposed. This exposure will bring clarity and offer us a new way forward. To continue to align with such controls will be a sin of deep consequence. Before any of us willingly return to the controls of the past and continue to yield to that influence, we need to step back and ask ourselves a question, “Is it God’s will that we continue to comply with what has proven to be a deception or will we courageously choose to not allow such a forced compliance to ever occur again on our watch.”


  1. Tim

    The Lord is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid?

  2. Glen

    Thank you.

  3. Martin



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