A regret does not just go away. It must be transformed into something greater by a work of the Spirit in partnership with our will. Every one of us will have regrets for the failures in our lives. What we do with our regrets can literally steer the course of our life. In some case, even more than the sin that created the regret in the first place. Paul wrote, Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death”(II Corinthians 7:10). 

Repentance is not, at first, an outward action leading our lives in a new and redeemed direction. It actually means a change in the way we think. Many times people cannot believe that God has fully forgiven them. They pick up a false belief that says self-punishment will somehow prove to God they are truly sorry. Instead of living their life free, they continue to live in a downward, death-producing spiral when an undisciplined regret is at the controls of their life. 

Regret empowered by unresolved sorrow needs to be disciplined into submission by bringing it to the Cross where it can be put to death. This is strong evidence of a renewed mind. If you have done this and you still struggle with regret you are either not believing in the complete work of the Cross of Jesus or you are dealing with a demonic spirit that has attached itself to your thinking. Get with someone who can help you deal with either issue and help you pull out of this death spiral. Once you gain new spiritual and emotional altitude where you are free from the control of an undisciplined regret, you will then be able to reset the course of your life to align with the heart of God and His desire for you to live free from the unresolved regrets associated with your past mistakes.


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