(I wrote this six weeks ago and parked it in my writing file. Early this morning, I was awakened by thunder and lighting that was not predicted in our weather forecast. When the thunder and lighting appeared unexpectedly, I was reminded of the following word. I release it not to create fear, but to remind us to always to be awake spiritually and to place our trust only in the Lord. Everything else is only a fleeting place of false security.)

I saw the image of a huge light switch appear over a map of the United States. A hand found a way to get to the switch undetected and flip it off. When the switch was turned off all electronic and computer-generated mechanisms ceased to function. Cars rolled to stop. Electricity to homes was gone. Computers stopped working. Satellites circling the Earth went silent in their orbit. Cell phones lost their signal. People no longer had an immediate electronic connection with the world. 

The next part of the image was a sound. I heard this sound once before when I was outside a hospital when the electricity was knocked off during a powerful thunderstorm. Immediately after the power went off, I heard the diesel engines of the backup generators start up and re-power the hospital. 

Whatever the image of the light switch over the United States symbolizes, God has a plan in place of supernatural re-empowerment to power up the lives of believers through the exercise of our faith and our trust in God. 

Many of the things we consider secure and unwavering in this world are only held together by the thinnest of threads. Only God is secure and forever. While cultures and power structures will fluctuate over time as they have throughout all of recorded history, God remains faithfully the same yesterday, today, and forever. If an unimagined event should ever take place, either a natural disaster or a manmade event, let your first response be to trust in the God who loves you beyond measure and imagination. For every evil plan a human could execute or any natural disaster that would bring death and destruction, there is in place a far more expansive plan of God to redeem and rescue. That plan is our place of peace and security if and when the lights go out.


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