Discipling Our Judgment

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Humility, Love, Mercy, Prayer | 0 comments

Judgment needs to be disciplined or it will end up directing the course of our lives toward negative outcomes. Many times the thought of a person I do not agree with or have a strained relationship with will cross my mind. With that thought comes a lure of judgment trolled in front of my will inviting me to bite. I have found I need to discipline my judgment as I would discipline an unruly child. I try to catch the thought midstream and direct it in another direction – toward the heart of God.

The only two safe ways to discipline a wayward invitation of judgment is to reassign it as a blessing or a prayer. When judgments are reassigned and released as blessings and prayers they contain the transformational power of the Spirit that will override the power of death a judgment carries. 

Two things happen when we discipline our judgments. The process will change you and it carries the potential to change the person you initially wanted to judge and discard. When you disrupt the flow of judgment you will open your heart up to the tenderizing power of God’s love. You will begin to see the other person differently – in the light of grace and mercy. This is the same grace and mercy God extended to you that allowed you to experience the renewing of your mind and the transformation of your life. It is amazing what happens to unrighteous judgments when
they are disciplined to become a blessing or a prayer. Try it and you will see miracles of restoration released in places you never thought possible.


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