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A series of strategic distractions are being offered. The creators of these distractions hope that each distraction will move us farther away from discovering the reality of what is transpiring in our nation.

These distractions are a masking effort with a goal to draw our attention farther away from what will actually solve the suffering of people who live under the foolish choices being made at the national level. The choices made, the good or the bad, will always filter down to engage families and businesses on a personal level. To love our neighbor as ourselves requires that we not allow ourselves to be drawn away by the distractions that mask the agendas and policies that are causing the pain. 

For the Church to spiritualize away the need to engage political solutions is to disengage from a tangible process that can prevent further suffering caused by the very institutions tasked to protect and serve. Some of the cultural heroes we honor in our crippled history were those who faced such issues head on whether it be in the realm of politics or within churches where our belief systems encouraged the very suffering we wanted to end.

To discover what is causing our current national suffering requires the equivalent of reverse engineering. We all need to put down our emotions and preferred affiliations and get free from those influences long enough to make a proper and clear-headed evaluation. In that evaluation we will be able walk back from places of pain and suffering to discover the origin and empowering motivation of those distractions. Only then can we actually do something about the suffering that will be of significance.

Some who offer an immediate dismissal to this kind of conversation have been programmed to look away or even resort to mockery at the mention that distractions could exist. That kind of dismissal can be offered from both sides of any opinion if we live under the blinding influence of a distraction.

Whatever we are being offered as a distraction is a reverse roadmap that can lead us away from the distractions to discover the deeper issues that are being concealed. It is there we will discover the heart of God and it is there we will receive our marching orders.


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