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Not all assignments from the Lord are considered normal. Isaiah, for example, got this prophetic assignment from the Lord, “Take off the burlap you have been wearing and remove your sandals. Isaiah did as he was told and walked around naked and barefoot” (Isaiah 20:2). Isaiah lived in that condition for three long years. It was an uncomfortable assignment.

Isaiah’s prophetic act was to let Egypt and Ethiopia know – two nations with tremendous power who convinced Israel to trust them over God – what was in store for them for not honoring the Lord and His people. Their power would be stripped away and they would be left naked and defenseless.

While the Lord is not asking us to disrobe and walk down the streets of our cities naked, He will ask us to take off our emotional and relational garments of self-protection and obey Him no matter how strange that obedience might appear. This kind of naked obedience is where the power of God comes and clothes us with things we would never experience if we remained clothed in self-protection.  

If the Lord is asking you to obey an assignment as stark and fear-producing as being asked to walk around naked for three years, that assignment is an indicator that something significant is about to happen. Do not allow fear to stand in the way. Isaiah “did as he was told” and a profound intervention by God took place. If we are willing to be obedient to the calling of God, no matter how strange that obedience might appear, our willingness to trust Him will become a sign to those observing our naked faith that the Lord is about to move in a profound way.

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  1. Jamie

    Oh wow

    I was reading on this a few days ago.

    And I felt God nudge me again on a very very uncomfortable project. One that would require me to be honest and vulnerable with a group of people about how God has moved in my life….and continues to move in my life.

    Thanks for the confirmation lol???

    I’ll move foward…and finish writing the lesson…what ever this is turning out to be…


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