Some prophetic voices are warning us of a coming civil war in America. That civil war will not start sometime in the future. It is here now. It’s not a war of bullets and bombs. It is social, political and moral combat taking place right before our eyes. We can see this conflict if we are looking with the eyes of the Spirit.

To those living in spiritual slumber, this kind of talk sounds ignorant, unhip and something only those on the fringe would consider. It can appear anti-intellectual and uncool and unable to survive an espresso bar conversation without eyes starting to roll. 

In an attempt to not ruffle the feathers of anyone, we can become a dull tool in the hands of God unable to cut through the deception holding our culture captive. Turning away from evil in any form and hoping it will go away and not bother us is not the way of Jesus the carpenter God-man. Our Savior turned over the tables of the deluded religious establishment of His day. He made tough statements to shocked listeners. He confronted the assumptions of covenant people who had allowed a lesser kingdom to define the reality of their morality.

Do not allow your theology to be reduced to a theory without a response even if that response will label you as a nutcase and drive you into social isolation. John the Baptist cried out from a wilderness place for his culture to repent and following the sound of his voice, a great move of God appeared. 

We are in a John the Baptist moment of history. God is calling and releasing uncompromised voices to declare His heart to the surrounding culture with wisdom and compassion. Be one of those voices and you will not have to live with the sorrow and regret that comes from a life of silent disengagement.


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