Going Deeper – Ministering to Heart of Human Brokenness

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Deliverance, Discipleship, Fear, Freedom, Peace, Restoration, Revelation, Spiritual Warfare | 0 comments

Jesus did not minister to the side effects of sin and human brokenness. He pressed through the surface manifestations and went straight to the heart of an issue. Those listening and watching these revelatory events were unaware that something deeper was at play. Jesus did this because the surface side effect of a problem has the ability to mask a hidden lie or misconception that is embedded deep within a life. These embedded issues can only be uncovered and disempowered by a revelatory work of the Spirit. 

This kind of Spirit-led ministry can make some people nervous because these issues cannot be discovered by familiar methods like medication or counseling. These root causes are only discovered by a journey initiated and led by the Spirit. In that journey, the Spirit helps a person press through the surface issues and go deeper to reveal the root cause that is giving birth to the surface brokenness manifesting itself in the form of a side effect. 

This is an uncomfortable journey for some to make because of fear or shame, but it is the only journey that brings true and lasting freedom – a freedom that removes not only the root cause of a life-issue but also the side effects that lead people into deeper bondage. Without this freedom hopeless can take over a person’s thinking leading them to a life of despair.

There are people out there who can help us make this journey. My wife, Jan and our friend, Gail Perry, are two people I know who are gifted in helping people go deeper to discover these hidden issues. There are others out there who also carry this gifting. If you or someone you know continues to come up against a wall in their search for freedom, it would be wise to find those who know how to help people disover this kind of freedom.

Medication can help balance our body chemistry and wise counsel can help us learn how to manage our lives, but true and lasting freedom is not found in either of these remedies. Only when deeply embedded lies and misconceptions are discovered and exposed to the love of God can true freedom be experienced. That is what Jesus offered to people held captive to a life of side effects. It is a freedom that only comes when the truth of God’s love is taken deep into a human soul to displace the lies that create a life held captive to the bondage of side effects.


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