Entertaining Assumptions

by | Jul 15, 2017 | Culture, Joy | 0 comments

I had something
hilarious happen today. A private message came to me on my Twitter account regarding
a video I shared. The person asked me, “How do you stay centered and stable.
How is it done?”  Assuming they were
talking about spiritual things, I said, “By keeping our faith simple and as
authentic as possible – by immediate confession of anything that lets me live
as a fake to my family and friends – by realizing there is always more to know
about God”. Well…the inquiry was actually about how I centered and focused my videos so
were stable and not shaking as they were viewed. Who knew?  I was also asked if I had a helper and what
equipment they used. I wrote them back and said, “I just use my arm”. Our
assumptions are so entertaining.


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