Every Thought

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Prophetic | 1 comment

As soon as I awoke this morning, the Lord spoke. His prophetic word was this – TAKE. EVERY. THOUGHT. CAPTIVE. The Lord instructed me to write those four words with the social media emphasis of capitalization and a period after each word emphasizing the emotion of the statement. Many in the Church think taking captive every thought has to do with only perceived wrong thinking or indecent images of perversion. Paul said, “every thought,” even those we might assume are correct without need of a challenge. But God is coming after all our thoughts, especially thoughts of assumption. Every thought requires examination under the light of Christ. Every thought is leading us somewhere. Each one needs a Spirit-directed evaluation to discover its motivating source.

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  1. Terry Cargill

    This is a great insight. If I assume that the only thoughts God wants me to change are those I already believe are wrong, that leaves me stuck exactly where I am forever!


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