Old Trucks and Lives Well-Lived

by | Oct 11, 2020 | Prophetic | 0 comments

I was driving along a country road and passed an old pickup truck. It was parked on the shoulder of the road with its hood up, and no one was around. The abandoned truck looked like it had traveled many miles. An old camper sat in the truck’s bed.

As the truck disappeared in my rearview mirror, I thought about life. Sometimes it can be a Job-like experience. Other times it can be a long season of celebration. Life is filled with extremes of joy and sadness. That is how our life-vehicle runs, fueled by challenging experiences and occasional visitations of the goodness of God. These experiences log their presence on our emotional and spiritual odometer.

There will come a day when our earthy vehicle finally pulls over to the side of life’s road one last time, the hood will go up, and we will fly away, leaving our old truck behind.

Job said something poignant about this in chapter 17 of the book bearing his name, “For soon I must go down that road from which I will never return.” Every life will travel down the road of no return. There will be an unavoidable end of road experience for all of us. We ignore this reality because we have been designed for life, not death – to keep rolling and not stop. We don’t give our end of the road experience much thought while our lives still have that new car smell, and we are rolling down life’s road, well-tuned with the windows down. The closer we get to the end of the road, the more we begin to consider how we want to travel the remaining miles.

There was a value for me seeing the old truck. At my age, it made me pause and check my spiritual oil once more to make sure the last few miles of my journey will continue to work according to God’s original design for my life.

Every life-truck will eventually stop rolling. If we can process that day not letting fear overcome our thinking, someday when our life finally pulls to the side of the road, and our hood goes up, our life will become a witness of God’s faithfulness to all who pass by. When they see the old truck parked and empty, they will honor its faithful image and come to appreciate all the miles it must have traveled to get to that final place of departure.


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