Explain Away – Throw Away – Give Way

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We live in a time of Church history where things are beginning to shake out and shake loose. The controlling grip of assumption, error and unhealthy images of God is being loosened. As this shaking intensifies, three groups will be affected.

The first group reminds me of the time when Jan and I were reconnecting with God as a young couple. We visited a number of churches to find a place to worship as a family. In was not a fun journey. This was during the Charismatic Renewal when two groups were predominant in the American church. The first group was comprised of those trying to explain away the gifts of the Spirit. They inserted personal bias into Scripture and came away with a Cessationist doctrine. The other group returned to their spiritual roots and discovered the power of the Spirit. We went with the latter group and never looked back.

The second group is comprised of those who have thrown away entire sections of God’s Word thinking it no longer applies to our day. While some of that is true because we now live in a new and different covenant, the heart of God has always remained the same no matter what covenant is in place. In the shaking, don’t be quick to dismiss everything that came before this moment in our history. Some of the old truths are timeless and are intended to travel with us into the New Covenant. 

Finally, the last group will give way to the leading of the Spirit. They will discard failed understandings about Kingdom life and the heart of God. In doing so they will undergo a transforming work of the Spirit. These believers will put aside their misconceptions about certain aspects of God and His Kingdom and will give way to the entrance of something new and refreshing that will empower their faith. To some, this will feel like stepping off a cliff into thin air. This is the essence of all things new. There is no roadmap for this journey only the extended hand of God inviting our trust.

The choice is yours to make regarding which of the three groups you will align with in the coming days. Do not let fear motivate your response. God will keep you safe in this time of shaking. He is dismantling those things that will impede the planned acceleration of your life and calling. You are being set free. As the shaking intensifies remember this – God’s ability to lead you into truth is greater than hell’s ability to lead you into error. Choose to give way to truth and God will be faithful to make a way for you when no way seems possible.


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