Exploding the Grenades of a Political Spirit

by | Sep 1, 2018 | Courage, Culture, Discipline, Fear, Freedom, Honor, Justice, Leadership, Mercy, Pride, Reconciliation | 0 comments

Lately, my dreams have been intensifying. The level of reality and color in what I dream is becoming high-definition in nature. Each night, I kneel at our bed and pray for the night. I pray for protection, and I pray for revelation in my dreams. 

Two nights ago, I dreamed I was walking alongside a lake. I was holding two hand grenades. I felt very uncomfortable and wanted to get rid of them in private not wanting to be caught and charged with a crime. One grenade was standard size. The other was the same diameter but a few inches longer. I placed them in my coat pockets to hide them while I walked around the lake looking for some deep water where I could toss them unexploded.

The problem I was having was the lake was too shallow. If I haphazardly tossed the grenades out into the lake someone might discover them, and the resulting explosion would cause death and injury. By now I was wading out into the water ruining my shoes and getting my pants wet. I was becoming concerned I would never be able to dispose of the two grenades. Then I came upon a man who was an expert in the disposal of bombs and military grade weapons.

I handed the man the two grenades, and at first, I was concerned how casual and confident he was when he handled them. It was like he did this all the time and it was no big deal. He turned a hidden knob on each grenade and one at a time he pushed them down into the wet sand at our feet. They fizzled out like a dud firework. Then the dream was over.  I asked the Lord what the dream meant and if I was free to share its content. He gave me both understanding and permission.

In the dream, I represented a composite image of people within the Church from both sides of the political aisle that realize a new way forward must be discovered or our nation will not fulfill its God-ordained role in world affairs. The man I met on the lakeshore who knew how to deactivate the grenades was the Holy Spirit. The grenades would remain lethal if not handed over to Him. What really caught my attention was the mission and definition assigned to each grenade.

The smaller grenade was called Remnant. It contained old accusations and condemnations being brought against our President. They were a carryover from a previous life. Similar remnants exist in every life but have been highlighted in our President’s life as an attempt to keep people focused on the lesser issues as a diversion to what is taking place the world stage – issues that will have a more devastating consequence than bringing up a forgiven past.

The larger grenade was called Disdain. This grenade is waiting to explode within a mindset that cannot see any good in what our President is doing. Disdain has created a spirit of dismissal. This larger grenade is potentially more dangerous because it has wider audience appeal, one that has been brilliantly crafted through a never-ending onslaught of negative information.

The next two months in American history will either be an explosive moment of destructive power or an acceleration into a new and hope-filled future neither political party could imagine or produce. I have trusted friends who voted differently in the last election who represent both political parties for reasons each felt passionate about. 

As the Church representing the will of God in the world, no matter what our political persuasion, trenching up remnants of the past and creating disdain in the present, is not the way forward. 

This is an Ephesians 3:20 moment of time. The Lord wants to accomplish something beyond what we could imagine possible in the middle of the overly-heated public debate where people from opposing opinions are tossing grenades into our cultural dialogue. These grenades have been handed to them by an enemy who knows his victory will only take place on a battlefield where division and dishonor are the weapons of choice.


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