When I wrote the book, Prayers from the Throne of God, little did I know it would become an emotional and spiritual source of encouragement highlighting our freedom and authority as believers. Yes, the book is about a different way to pray, but it also creates a way of thinking that will set us free from feelings of dismay, discouragement, and helplessness in those moments when life seems to be going sideways.

When I wrote the book, I spent a lot of time in Ephesians unpacking the significance of our position in Christ at the right hand of the Father. Scripture tells us we already live there enthroned in a place of victory. Our victory is not some future reward that will come at the end of time. We are the fruit of Jesus’ victory enthroned with Him at this very moment in Heaven. It is your reality even as you read these words.

Today, when you are faced with social turmoil or a personal challenge, ask the Lord to reveal the power and privilege of your real-time position in Christ at the Father’s right hand. From this place look down on the issue or challenge that stands before you and do these three things:

DECLARE the heart of God. Declare God’s preferred outcome. Declare how He sees the person or situation from His heart and heavenly perspective. This is like a master artist standing in front of a blank canvas and inviting a protégé to come and see a yet-to-be-painted masterpiece and creating its reality with each brushstroke.

DECREE the victory of Christ. This is your Kingdom search warrant that gives you the authority to kick down the doors of darkness to rescue people and institutions held captive by dark agendas. A decree declares that no weapon formed against us will prosper.

PROPHESY a new future. Once you declare the heart of God and then decree the victory of Christ, the Spirit will begin to reveal prophetically a word of encouragement, a point of revelation or the next step toward freedom needed to transform the issue of your prayers.

Right now, your dual citizenship on Earth and in Heaven gives you the supernatural potential to shift any environment where your faith is alive and active. If you live from a heavenly perspective while still engaging the reality of life on Earth, that realization will begin to change how you see and interpret everything. In the end, it will radically change how you pray.


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