Falling Numbers – Rising Faith

by | May 31, 2017 | Deliverance, Faith, Hope, Prophecy, Prophetic, Revelation, Vision. | 0 comments

God is about to make
a significant change regarding the speed at which certain things will take place in
your life. He is about to reorder your understanding of time, dates and process.

In the Spirit, I saw the image of a clock. It was a tall antique clock that stood in a living room. As I watched, the numbers on the clock face began to fall onto the floor. Then an image of a calendar appeared. The same thing happened. The numbers assigned to the various days of the week began to fall. After the calendar, a speedometer on the dashboard of a vehicle came into view. The numbers on the speedometer fell like those from the clock and the calendar. On the floor lay a pile of numbers.

I asked the Lord to help me understand what I had just seen. He said, “I am changing how My people see time, dates and the speed at which things will take place. They have relied too long on natural measurements to determine the course of their lives. Some have allowed these indicators to discourage them and replace their faith with the limitations imposed upon them from measurements in the natural world.”

When the Lord finished speaking, the image returned. I saw the hand of a person enter the scene and begin to pick up numbers from the pile one at a time and place them on the clock, the calendar, and the speedometer. The numbers were not returned to their expected places. I knew then why the numbers fell to the ground.

God is calling you to reassign the numbers on the clock, the calendar and the speedometer of your life. As you reassign these numbers they will seem out of synch with what was expected of you. God will affirm your choices. This affirmation will reveal to you and to others that you did hear God. The reassigned numbers on your clock, calendar and speedometer will become a prophetic word that will reveal the testimony of what God is about to accomplish in your life.


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