The Night Sounds Are Prophesying A New Day

by | Jun 1, 2017 | Courage, Faith, Fear, Future, Hope, Joy, Mercy, Peace, Prophecy | 0 comments

As a morning person, I am up well before the dawn, even in summer when the days are long and the sun rises earlier in the day. I love the quiet of early morning. I’m sure those who are night owls feel the same way about the quiet of late night when they are alone with their thoughts. These quiet times are gardens of solitude where we can think and meditate on God without the clutter and noise of the day.

Each morning, I sit by an open window next to my writing chair. Being so close to the window gives me an opportunity to hear the sounds of the night. I can hear these sounds because they are isolated from the noise of the full day. This morning while it was still dark, I heard the cooing of a dove. I have heard this dove before and appreciate the beauty of its sound but this morning it carried a message via the Spirit for someone who may read these words.

Some of you went to bed last night carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. The thought of waking to another day was a dread because you knew you would have to face the same issue that has been causing you concern. Its burden has shaded your outlook on life and left you without any hope that change and transformation are possible. 

God works the night shift of our lives and He has been at work in the darkness of your life. Solutions, breakthrough and a new pathway forward are what He has been creating as you slept. Give God a chance to show you what He has done. To see this work of God will require that you re-engage your faith and believe once again that He is good and has not forgotten your prayers.  No circumstance in your life is beyond the reach of His transforming love. 

As I finished writing these words the dove started cooing once again like a punctuation to the word I just shared with you.  It made me smile in expectation at what is about to take place in your life.


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