Filling in the Blanks

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Hope, Joy, Prayer, Prophecy, Teaching, Worship | 0 comments

Have you ever started to sing the opening lines of an old song but forget the rest of the lyrics? You sounded great singing the first few words then mumbled the remainder of the chorus hoping you might recall the lyrics. I just did that with an old 60’s song. As I was mumbling trying to recall the lyrics the Lord said, “Today, I am going to fill in the blanks”.

You are about to hear the rest of the lyrics to the song of your promise. The familiar tune of the Spirit will invite you to begin singing once again your prayer of hope. You will no longer have to wonder what forgotten words are needed to fill in the blanks. The lyrics of the Spirit will be sung through you as the prayer of God’s heart. When the completed lyrics are finally released they will set in motion a chorus of answers in the lives of the people you love and within the circumstances where you have contended for a breakthrough. Start singing!


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