Finding the Loophole

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The spiritual opposition coming against you wants you to think you are alone and vulnerable and that a dark victory is the only possible outcome in your current conflict. The dark entities waging war against you want you to continue living in retreat never taking a stand giving up more and more of your spiritual rights and possession. God wants to show you the real position from which you are supposed to fight. You are more protected than you realize.

In medieval castles, there were openings in the castle walls known as loopholes. Loopholes are the narrow slits in the stone wall through which archers would release their arrows at an approaching enemy. Today, the word loophole carries a negative connotation, but at the time of their introduction, they were a place of protection and opportunity enabling an archer to exploit the opening to strike the approaching enemy.

Though you cannot see what God has set in place as your defense you are actually surrounded by the presence of the Living God and His host of angels. David was in this position when he faced Goliath. Gideon was in a similar situation when his physical army was reduced to the equivalent of nothing.

The presence of God and His angels are your castle. Through that protective barrier, spiritual loopholes exist through which you can fire truth back at the approaching enemy. Paul said this battle is spiritual in nature and does not draw on the tactics of warfare from the natural realm. 

A spiritual loophole appears when we finally submit to the battle plan of God. Their appearance can run contrary to your emotions, the advice of close friends and the current mood of culture.  They are the only place through which victory is possible. These loopholes allow arrows of honor to be fired when dishonor is coming your way. They allow you to fire back forgiveness when some of your friends are trying to convince you to stand your ground and defend the false rights that unforgiveness promises. 

Stand up on the castle wall of God’s presence and fire back through your loophole with arrows of an opposite spirit than the spirit currently attacking your position. In this place, you will become dangerous to the enemy. You will also prove yourself to be a valuable asset in the army of God. A single believing archer positioned behind a loophole of truth has the potential to cause an entire army of darkness to retreat in defeat.


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