A lot of challenging and stressful things are taking place. An abundance of difficulty is moving across the lives of many people. I have friends and ministries in Redding, California who are being devastated by a fire that has been labeled, “Out of Control.” A friend is in Budapest, Hungary for routine surgery and due to complications from the surgery is now in jeopardy and could lose sight in one eye. Our culture is at war between groups who hold opposing worldviews. In all of this, we need to find the peace. The peace of God is not the resolution of these things even though we continue to pray for deliverance, healing, and calm. His peace is something we carry as we walk forward into these yet-to-be-resolved issues.

Like any family, Jan and I have our challenges. When surrounded by unresolved personal issues and the painful things happening to our friends, we do something that gives us a unique strength in the Spirit as we contend in faith. We take communion. As is our routine, we take communion almost daily. It is our time of marital devotion. It does not get rid of our pain or the struggles of others. What it does is help us gain a renewed perspective on the issues of life as followers of Jesus.

Are challenging things coming at you with unprecedented force or are you standing in the midst of the painful testimonies of your loved ones? Today, stop and take communion. As you receive the bread and wine, declare the goodness of God, decree the victory of Christ, and finally, open your heart to a fresh word of revelation that will guide your steps in the coming season. We are never without hope even in moments when it feels like all hope is gone. This is our time to commune with the One who is our Peace no matter what is taking place. The fruit of that communion will change everything.  


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