For the last week, I have been sensing we are coming into what
I would call “a first time ever” season in culture, politics and world affairs.
There are events about to transpire that will be seen as first time ever events
in this generation.

These one of a kind events will have no personal history that
we can use as a means to evaluate and determine our next step. Some of these issues will transpire with such
shock and rapidity that faith in what is not yet seen will be our only place of
security. That faith will connect us with the only real hope we have – a hope
securely set in eternity.

Take time now to consider and commit to a response of
faith. Do not allow your self to become so
shocked that you are unprepared to respond in faith. Without this determination
you will be in a similar place with those who will stand paralyzed in shock
when things take place for which they have no paradigm of faith. A paralyzed
life will be overrun by fear.

What is coming will be so unusual that no earthly plan will
be able to solve the dilemma it produces. These “for the first time ever”
events are part of the Kingdom process of displacing darkness with light and
error with truth. Each generation where God has moved in great power has seen this
take place. None of what is about to transpire will take God by surprise. Abide
in His presence at all times and you will be fully prepared for any
contingency. When these “first time ever”
events begin to take place, wait, listen and trust Him to lead you forward.
This will be your act of faith and your place of security.


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