Following Our Frustration

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Courage, Deliverance, Faith, Fear, Healing, Honor, Hope | 0 comments

Following a feeling of frustration is like the Chinese symbol for a crisis. It offers both danger and opportunity. As I look over Church history, I see believers who followed their unsettled frustrations under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and encountered unique moments of revelation that became turning points in history.

Everyone with a pulse will experience frustration at some point in their life. A religious spirit will tell you to walk around your frustrations because they are the fruit of a rebellious spirit and will create discord. A religious, controlling spirit will speak that way because if not curtailed, a frustrated explorer might actually discover and experience something that will disrupt the status quo.

Today, I would suggest that you follow your frustrations. It is a dangerous path filled with opportunity. It will be a safe journey if you allow God to do the leading and not follow an undisciplined emotion or the groupthink of a crowd. 

Every step of this journey must be protected by a willingness to remain humble and receive correction from the Lord and trusted friends.  If you can do this, you will arrive at a place where your frustration will transform into a revelation. The transformation required a journey of discovery to clarify a message not fully understood when you first began to explore the origin of your frustration.  


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