When Spirits of Control Begin to Lose Their Grip

by | Jun 7, 2020 | Courage, Discernment, Five-Fold Ministry, Future | 0 comments

When a spirit that exercises control over the minds of individuals or nations is threatened, one of the first tactics it will deploy is confusion. In a state of confusion, agents working on behalf of the controlling spirit will begin to protect its interests at all costs.

Our current reality is not as clear cut and secure as many have come to believe. The political, social, and economic arenas are about to undergo a significant shift. That shift will be confusing if our focus is not aligned with the heart of God. What the enemy planned for evil, the Lord will be faithful to transform into good. Not all change will come overnight. Some of the changes we are beginning to experience will have decadal timelines.

God’s plan to counter these controlling spirits will require courage on our part.  His love will expose where we have believed lies and aligned ourselves with the very things that oppose the will of God. That will be a tough pill to swallow. In those moments of personal confrontation, if the influence of our pride is not challenged and overcome, it will cause us to be used as unwitting pawns in a spiritual chess game. Some of the lies we currently believe have been clothed in religious terminology and surrounded by relationships of shared values. These issues will make our disengagement from their deception very challenging. 

God is not interested in how confident we may appear or even what we believe so assuredly. He is only interested in how confident we are in Him, not our interpretation of Him or His Kingdom. In the coming confusion, there is only one safe choice. Turn to the Lord. In that turning, you will receive clarity in the confusion and become aligned with a new way forward. 


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