Fragments of Something Larger

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Prophetic | 0 comments

There are times when I have received a prophetic word or a word of knowledge that I wondered if I should share it. Not everything we hear from the Lord is meant for publication. It happened yesterday. I posted a word about two revelations coming. It was just a paragraph in length – an announcement without particulars. I didn’t doubt the word was from the Lord. The limited content did cause me to ask myself if I had missed something.

After writing the word, I asked a trusted friend to listen to the word as I read it to them. They remarked, “It is what it is.” My friend’s remark meant that I should not attempt to add any personal opinion or interpretation for clarity’s sake. The word needed to be shared as given, even if it appeared as a fragment of something larger.

The prophetic community is very diverse, and so are the words offered. Some of the words given can be part of a larger developing prophetic sentence the Spirit is forming. Some parts of that sentence can be offered in the form of spiritual vocabulary, punctuation, or tone. When all the parts are finally assembled in line with the timing of the Lord, they begin to make sense. Apart from the whole, they seem to hang undefined, but when joined with other words, they begin to make sense. Like the cryptic-sounding word I shared yesterday, these fragments can be part of a much larger prophetic sentence the Lord is forming that He will release in its fullness in His timing.


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