God’s Clock

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Prophetic | 2 comments

Every morning, I do an exercise called the plank. It strengthens my core. The exercise wasn’t fun when I started doing it a few years ago, but now, I look forward to it each day and have been able to increase my time while holding the plank position.

This morning, I took my iPhone down to the floor with me as usual and went to start the phone’s stopwatch function to do the plank. To my surprise, I had not stopped the stopwatch and reset its function from the exercise yesterday. The stopwatch was still running almost 24 hours later. My workout had been completed, but the clock was still running.

This reminded me of our life of faith. God asks us to do something and He may even attach a timeframe to our act of obedience, but that doesn’t stop God’s clock. Long after we have done what He asked, He is still at work accomplishing more than our single act of obedience could produce.

Today, as you return to certain routines of obedience, the Lord wants you to know He has been working around the clock to accomplish even more than you could imagine. He never stops working. Take comfort in that reality.


  1. Kavita Singh

    Such a hope your word brings to my life each time.. compels meri keep hanging on a little bit longer

  2. daniel violette

    On this site, Garris submitted the quote below on his 11/11 message:
    Next Wednesday may come and go without incident. On the other hand, something of significance could occur that will take place out of the view of our natural abilities to discern what is transpiring.
    It is 5 am and I am praying on this day 11/11 that no evil events will take place in our USA. The enemy would like to continue to cause increased anxieties and outright anger in this country, which I am very grateful to live in.
    So today, Father, I pray that no evil will come over this nation. Protect all our leaders both nationally and state-wide and locally. I pray for divine protection from any attacks from the enemy. Papa, bring unity in our nation. Unit our people together with love and lots of mercy, coupled with thanksgiving. We praise your name and thank you Jesus! Amen!


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