Free Bird

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I was sitting in the early morning light with my dog, Abby, reading the hard copy proof for my new book. I love this time of year when the mornings are cool yet warm enough for shorts and bare feet on the grass.

As I continued to read, a bird flew past me and through the open front door of our house. Abby began to bark and looked at me implying, “Do something!” I hurried through the front door expecting to see the bird flying in circles in our living room but it was nowhere in sight. I checked behind all the furniture. I explored the dining room, the kitchen – nothing. Finally, I walked to the back of the house to our utility room where an unscreened window is left open for our cat, Mister, to come and go. Mister was on alert at the open window meowing loudly. Both the dog and cat were now at my feet trying to tell me in the best of pet-speak that the bird actually flew through the obstacle course of the house unharmed and out the back window. The three of us stood there amazed at what we had just witnessed.

The bird did not intend to fly through our front door. It was a bird accident of life. Once in the wrong place, he did his best to steer clear of all the flight ending obstacles to make it through the whole house and out the back window past his final and most deadly obstacle our very adept bird-catching cat.

This might be a picture of some of you. Due to a strange and unexpected turn of events, you flew into a place where you did not belong. There was no turning back. In these situations, there is no plan of escape. Your only option was to keep flying forward and look for a way out. You are flying by the seat of your pants as pilots say.

If you find yourself in this kind of scenario don’t forget this one important point, God has an open window waiting for you just ahead. Don’t land. Keep moving. You don’t belong here. These are not safe places and will not offer you any protection. Your only hope is in the exit God has prepared for you. Keep flying in faith and it will soon appear.


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